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CD Peacock

298 Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook, IL
CD Peacock
JGA Branded Environments

The CD Peacock project exemplifies bold innovation through its visionary design, earning the nickname “Mansion in the Clouds.”

The DSI Interiors team proudly undertook the construction of the iconic CD Peacock Flagship Mansion at Oakbrook Center. With a rich heritage dating back to 1837, CD Peacock has long been synonymous with unparalleled luxury in Chicago. The exterior of this 20,500 SF masterpiece boasts 3,500 SF of specialty bent curtain wall glass, creating a striking visual statement. Drawing inspiration from global luxury concepts, the showroom pioneers a fusion of luxury and functionality. With features such as a lounge, VIP rooms, and memorabilia paying homage to both their rich history and the vibrant city of Chicago, the flagship mansion redefines the jewelry and watch retail experience, establishing C.D. Peacock as an industry leader and setting new benchmarks for luxury.

Our Interiors team navigated various challenges during the construction of the CD Peacock Mansion. Collaboration with six different architects, including representatives from luxury brands like Tudor, Omega, Cartier, Rolex, and Chanel, required meticulous coordination to ensure alignment with the overall design vision. Procuring materials from around the globe, including casework from three continents and high-end materials like marble, travertine, terrazzo, granite, and Spanish porcelains, added complexity. Engaging local talent for critical tasks such as the gold leaf ceiling overlay, red lacquer walls, and Venetian plaster application required careful oversight to maintain quality and consistency across the project.

The project exemplifies bold innovation through its visionary design, earning the nickname "Mansion in the Clouds." The striking exterior curtain wall, intricate ceiling details, and seamless interconnecting staircase create an atmosphere of elevated luxury reminiscent of floating among the clouds. It sets a new standard for luxury shopping experiences, reshaping how consumers engage with high-end brands and enhancing the overall vibrancy and appeal of the Oak Brook community.