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Ravago – Karis Center for Commerce

2200 Galena Road
Montgomery, Illinois
Karis Industrial | Ravago
Architects Design Plus
500,000 SF | 100 Acres

As a leading Design Builder and General Contractor, the DSI Group proudly collaborates with client Karis Industrial to actualize Ravago's visionary 500,000-square-foot facility. Strategically positioned within the expansive 200-acre Karis Center for Commerce in Montgomery, Illinois, this endeavor stands as a pivotal milestone, strengthening our partnership with the forward-thinking team at Karis.

Ravago's commitment to innovation and growth resonates deeply with this project's essence. Beyond its industrial prowess, the facility integrates 12,776 square feet of Class-A office space. Designed with precision, this space prioritizes an enriching work environment, adeptly catering to both technological demands and practical necessities.

The site boasts a robust infrastructure, featuring 268 railcar positions, ensuring seamless operations for unloading, loading, and storage. Moreover, an additional 207 railcar positions are exclusively designated for Ravago's expansive facility, emphasizing efficiency and foresight in logistics.

Highlighting forward-thinking planning, the site's second pad is designed to accommodate a 130,000-square-foot building. Enhanced with dedicated rail access, this strategic parcel aligns seamlessly with Ravago's growth trajectory in the region, encapsulating its vision for sustained expansion and industry leadership.